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Mar 10, 2021

Project Apollo Leadership Webinar

Hosted by : Wayne Pearce Advantage

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Everyone deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be, but many people lack either the self belief, the motivation and/or an understanding of how to realise their true potential. I observed a genuine appetite for quality personal, team and leadership development that wasn't being fed and that's why I started Wayne Pearce Advantage way back in 2001.


Wayne Pearce Advantage in Australia provides "cutting edge" tools, techniques and the executive coaching support to help businesses become more successful whilst helping individuals become more fulfilled.


Australia's Wayne Pearce knows about peak performance and he’s excited about sharing what he knows with others. His personally developed series of Performance Ignition seminars and programs draws from wide-ranging scientific research as well as from his own experiences as a world-class sportsman, coach and motivator.


Wayne's vast experience and infectious passion for motivation, team building and leadership training at all levels makes him the perfect choice for your organisations peak performance training.


Wayne also offers his services as a Master of Ceremonies to ignite your function with his distinct brand of optimism and humour. Whether you hire Wayne for a workshop, keynote presentation or MC, his genuine interest in people, his warmth and the insights he brings add up to a potent prescription for success.



About this Event


On Wednesday, March 10th, 2021, Wayne Pearce will be presenting a unique leadership webinar based on the 12 core success principles that shaped Project Apollo, and that not only resurrected the 2020 NRL season but completed a memorable and history-making sporting landmark.

The NRL became one of the first sporting codes worldwide to resume competition during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was no accident. As team leader of Project Apollo, Wayne had a very specific twelve point, principles-based strategy which he will detail in this webinar and that is directly transferable and applicable to the crisis recovery efforts of all business leaders.

This 3-hour workshop will provide the participant with a proven blueprint for success in an ever-changing and volatile 21st Century business. Whether it be related to COVID-19, the Global Financial Crunch, bushfires or any other crisis, this webinar will provide a valuable insight into 12 core leadership principles that will enable success in the face of massive adversity.

Whilst we may be unsure when the next crisis will impact us, as business leaders, we need to be ready armed with the skills and strategies that allow our people to not only respond effectively to the situation, but to learn and grow from the experience.

I invite you to join me for this unique 3 hour leadership skills webinar, that will deliver tremendous ROI. It will give you the tools and skills to effectively lead your people to the next level amidst the turbulence and uncertainty of the 21st Century business landscape.



Date And Time

Wed, March 10, 2021

3:00 AM – 6:00 AM IST





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