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Feb 10, 2021

2nd Global AI Conclave 2021

Hosted by : BML Munjal University

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DESCRIPTION:  In business, as in life, there are things you really must-have, and there are things you’d like to have. We’d bet that, for many organizations, Artificial Intelligence fills into the second category. Yes, it sounds so promising, doesn’t it? We really ought to take a closer look sometimes.

Artificial Intelligence is a mélange of a widening spectrum of pioneering technologies that are impacting global populations and industries at an ever-increasing rate. In sync with the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we are moving to a stage where machines do not necessarily require human beings to do their tasks. A recent McKinsey Global Institute study predicts that by 2030, up to 30 percent of the world's current human labor could be replaced by intelligent agents and robots. AI is purported to take over several regular activities that humans perform. According to some, AI will make the organization more effective by automating mundane processes and removing errors. Of course, all is not gloom and doom. The existence of AI and other related technologies is facilitating the creation of high-skill jobs that would take advantage of human creativity and intelligence.

Healthcare in the AI Era:

AI and related technologies provide tremendous promise to the healthcare sector across the entire value chain. There may also be certain downsides such as patient safety or data security. Artificial Intelligence is being used to emulate human cognition in the analysis, interpretation, and comprehension of complicated medical and healthcare data. While each AI technology can contribute significant value alone, the greater potential lies in the synergies generated by using them together across the entire patient journey, from diagnoses to treatment, to ongoing health maintenance, etc. In a country where the healthcare systems are evolving and have been tested to the hilt during the last year, the 2-panel discussions in this segment are expected to pick up two important areas – (1) Diagnosis and (2) Ethics.

Why this Conclave?

We are inviting experts and leaders from the industry itself to discuss the evolutionary & revolutionary changes in the work landscape due to Artificial Intelligence. With AI being the most talked about topic today, we want to understand how it is evolving and diving into the healthcare sector. The platform will help us explore the associated scope, relevance, importance, risks, and opportunities in the future.

In this conclave, we will also be taking valuable insights on Artificial Intelligence from the industry leaders from the industries to get an overview of its changing dynamics. This is going to be a one-day conclave that will bring together top business leaders, AI experts, and practitioners, HR leaders & academicians.



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Start Date: 10/2/21
END DATE: 10/2/21

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