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Feb 9, 2021

5 Women's Workshops - Design & Live your Best Life

Hosted by : Leisha McGrath

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About this Event:

Do you feel like life is happening to you, rather than that you’re living a life you can actively design? Are you worn out? With a constant niggle in the back of your mind that surely “this can’t be it”? Can you remember the last time you felt real joy…that wasn’t swiftly followed by feelings of unease or panic?

Would you be relieved to know that all of this is completely normal…but also completely reversible?

If you feel called, you would be most welcome to join a small community of like-minded women, who also feel that they would like more agency over their life and to feel a more continuous stream of joy and happiness!

I have created a five - workshop series designed with YOU in mind. The workshops are interactive and practical, and will teach you the life skills you need to ensure that you build a really fulfilling life, now and into the future.

  1. Workshop 1 – Build an authentic life. Tease out what your priorities are, and what energises and drains you currently. Dream in the life you really want to live. In concrete terms
  2. Workshop 2 – Thinking Patterns - Tease apart any faulty thinking patterns and/or self-limiting beliefs. Get to know your saboteur. Where might you be holding yourself back and how can you get past this?
  3. Workshop 3 – Relationships - Examine where your key relationships are at, vis a vis a simple psychological framework, and plan out active steps that you can to take to ameliorate the relationships you cherish the most
  4. Workshop 4 – Boundaries – Do you have a clear understanding of all the areas of your life that are worth protecting? What are your non-negotiables? Can you confidently articulate and honour these boundaries? Learn or improve on these skills to ensure that you call the shots in your life
  5. Workshop 5 – Resilience – How are you when things go wrong? Does it take you long to dust yourself off after a setback? How do you feel day to day? Learn all about resilience theory, and how to strengthen this with both short and longer term strategies, chosen and designed by you

Throughout this series, you will be in the company of a respectful and kind-hearted group, where confidentiality and non-judgement is key. Each workshop will gently lead you through any relevant psychological theory, before empowering you to examine your life and choose clear next steps and strategies, to get you closer to the life you want to lead. You may wish to engage in some inter-session exercises to further this commitment to your life.

Leisha McGrath is a Chartered Work and Organisational Psychologist and Coach, with twenty years’ experience of empowering clients to be their best selves. Having also recovered herself from a chronic long-term illness, she knows what it takes to re-create the pieces of your life into a whole that nourishes and excites you. Let her gently lead you on this path of self-discovery too.


Date And Time

Tue, 9 February 2021

17:30 – 19:30 IST






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