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May 6, 2021

DevOps in 2021

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What We Do Everyday

IgmGuru: team those skills to achieve the passion. If you have been wondering about IgmGuru, then we are one of the finest training groups dedicated to foster your best development. Partnering with companies and individuals to train the upcoming generation in soft skills has been our motto! We aim at only one thing: Fostering the best growth and career objectives with knowledge and skill made as the catalyst.


Who We Are?

A Team providing certifications in soft skills. We aim at making every career oriented person: capable and Skill Oriented! With years of providing certification in cloud computing, Project Management, Digital Marketing,Cyber Security and many other such Soft Skills, IgmGuru has been acknowledged, as one of the leading Soft Skill Trainer! Designed and Crafted by experienced and learned professionals, IgmGuru, seeks to provide Top Notch training sessions to its Trainees. Combining Comfort and Helpful lessons, with advanced technology, has kept us at the leading positions. We cater our Trainees with services like online digital training and timely help from IgmGuru’s Supportive Staff. To inspire excellence, we work on Project provision, 24 x 7 support with insightful tips, tricks and suggestions.


Who We Do?

Our team caters to the most fundamental needs of every aspired working professional. We cater to the need of all your,“How and Why”. For anyone to excel in the working space, it isdefinitely a need to get hands on the best skill set. We aim at delivering the most needful training sessions, at the comfort of our clients: Crafting best trainees in the field. Our production of trained Professionals always works towards producing trained and confident personals in the professional world! The most needed thing of the hour!.


Event Descriptions:

With an estimated market size to reach $12.85 billion by 2025, the DevOps market has created a buzz. All the industries like Technology, eCommerce, retails and finance, require DevOps Engineers to maximize their efficiency, security, maintainability, and predictability of operational processes. Understanding the Industry requirements, IgmGuru has crafted special DevOps training online programs, to meet the scarcity claim. The DevOps training online shall provide you In-depth knowledge of using Nagios to tune and monitor performance Methods to use Kubernetes for Container Orchestration Ways to use Docker for Containerizing Code on production A thorough study of DevOps methodology Knowledge on how to use Puppet and Ansible for Configuration Management Ways to use Selenium and Maven to Automate test and build. Methods to use Jenkins for creating CD/CI Pipelines Training for Software version control implementation.


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  • Event Start Date - Thu, 06 May '21
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  • Event End Date - Mon, 08 Nov '21
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