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Jan 21, 2021

Leading Change: A Positive, Human Approach to Delivering Results

Hosted by : 8Connect People & Change

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What makes 8Connect different? 

Most business interpretations of psychology focus on relatively narrow perspectives on human experience.

This oversimplifies rather than makes sense of the complexity.

At 8Connect we combine deep change experience with a framework that is holistic; understanding people in terms of the dynamic interaction between motivations and emotions.

This recognises human adaptability and enables resilience. 

– Because adaptability and resilience are to successfully navigating our complex, changing world.


About this Event:

Leading change differently: A positively human approach

Despite having more knowledge, tools and technology at their disposal, organisations and their people still struggle to make change work.

As the pace of change increases, this presents a problem to change leaders:

How do we drive the change that the organisation needs at a collective level, while recognising that people change as individuals?

Individuals with different histories, perspectives, priorities; and a unique contribution to make.

Structured change management methodologies tend to imply that everyone will move forward together - in a linear fashion - if you do the right things at the right time.

We’re not suggesting that change management methodologies aren’t useful. They may even be necessary, but we do think that they’re insufficient. Insufficiently human, that is, to fully address the difficult challenge of not only bringing people on the change journey, but enabling them to co-create and own it.

Don't be seduced by the idea that a more human approach to change leadership is the 'soft' option. It might even be harder work, but if you want to deliver results from change then it's the only sustainable choice.

Join us for this one-day virtual workshop to:

  • Learn how to take a more human, collaborative approach to change leadership
  • Discover how to surface potential sources of resistance and encourage healthy dialogue
  • Work with and manage the effect of culture using storytelling
  • Encourage people to reflect upon and own their own response to change

Previous attendees have said..

"Really well delivered in the current circumstances to keep everyone engaged and involved, and fascinating topic!"
"A really nice way to delve into the complexity and mess of people change in a systemic way – plan tight but hang loose"
"A thoroughly enjoyable day which worked really well in the adapted format"
"I liked the use of motivations as a diagnostic tool – and using the language of motivation to help managers understand resistance better"
"Thank you, a thoroughly insightful day! Learnt lots and the format worked really well"
"Fascinating day, subject and conversations"
"SOAR model is really useful and will definitely use"
"Found it intriguing and useful, can see many applications in our organisation"

One day, two complementary approaches

We will share two complementary approaches that will enhance your change management or leadership practice.

Susanne Evans will share a more human change ‘process’ based on her PhD research into a storytelling, Appreciative Inquiry based, approach to change (ChangeStories). This uses dialogue to create shared stories, taking into account historical culture, personal identities and using personal reflection.

Rob Robson will share a psychological framework (Apter emotivation) that will add a deeper level of understanding into people’s motivations and emotions during change. It will help add diagnostic insight, build a climate for change and help people to own their own responses.


Date And Time

Thu, 21 January 2021

14:30 – 22:00 IST





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