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Jan 14, 2021

Red Tent Circle: Sacred Invitations

Hosted by : by Michelle Rigling, The Cavewoman Way

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About The Cavewoman Way

The cave is a place of deep reflection, Reconnecting, and reclaiming the soul's voice. The Cavewoman Way offers you the invitation to embrace the darkness, gaze into the fire, wait, listen, and remember. We come together to witness each other's journey, offer support, and find nourishment for both body and soul through talking circles, Retreats, and other events. Private Counseling is available for those wanting individual and personalized services. 



About this Event:



YOU are the sacred space. Have you ever thought about that?


Many of us are in search of the sacred- in search of meaning, wisdom, wholeness, and peace. We create and design “sacred spaces”, like altars and meditation corners and special reading nooks, to try to connect with or bring these into our lives. Of course, these spaces enhance our spiritual lives and are very meaningful and helpful. However, how would things change if you looked at your own body, your own inner landscape, your own spirit, and your own heart as the ultimate sacred space? Transformation, forgiveness, expansion, introspection, and deep divine connection can all happen right here, right now, in this moment, wherever we are. What is necessary is the invitation…






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