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Jan 28, 2021

International Crop Science Conference & Exhibition -An Exclusive Trade Show on Agri Inputs

Hosted by : Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India

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PMFAI represents India’s Pesticide Manufacturers, Formulators and Traders.

The Pesticides Manufacturers & Formulators Association of India (PMFAI) represents the over 250 India-based pesticide manufacturers, formulators and traders. PMFAI member companies manufacture, formulate, sell and distribute almost all the crop protection products that has potential in India.

PMFAI works with a variety of research and social society partners as well as with a number of pesticide associations through out the world having common interest. Transparency and end user benefit are imbibed to the core of our work.

PMFAI has permanent cooperation with the CCPIA, etc

PMFAI has close relations with the CCFI & CLI in India and maintains a dialogue on international issues with pesticide associations around the world. We also manage the collaboration among members to generate regulatory & scientific data for registering and/or protecting the registration of patented, off-patented and generic pesticides in EU countries. We have collaboration with the Huntingdon Life Sciences, UK.


                             "Pandemic time don't dampen your spirit but network on 3D Virtual Platform to conclude business."

ICSCE is an exclusive agri input trade show in India. It provides ample opportunities for all those involved directly & indirectly with agri inputs ( agrochemicals, fertilizers, Biological pesticides and ancillary units- solvents, surfactant, intermediates, raw materials, packaging industry etc.) business for sourcing, marketing, brand establishment, product promotion,Connect with new Business leads, etc. The conference presentations by experts gives an insight of knowledge oriented session highlighting new developments, market reach and market analysis, development in intermediates and research & developments. Agrochemicals has played a very important role and will continue in coming years too, to highlight key issues a conference is also organized alongwith exhibition so delegates can take away the knowledge shared by experts to gear up for changing scenario post covid19.



11:00 AM • Asia/Calcutta


28 Jan - 02 Feb 2021

Location not available

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