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Jan 29, 2021

Crazy Teaching Methods Webinar

Hosted by : HappinessBureau

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About this event:

Since the corona crisis, we all spend a lot of time in online sessions and meetings. At the HappinessBureau , it is important that these are fun, energetic, inspiring and informative and that is why we share our knowledge about how to do this during an (inter) active Zoom session on January 29, 2021 from 2 - 4 pm .


You will learn how to start an online session in a fun way, how to introduce and connect participants, how to make exercises fun and interactive and we share a number of energizers. Special price for this session is Euro 75, - (plus VAT and costs). This includes the ebook Working methods for online consultation and training by Matthijs Steeneveld (60 pages), with a lot of information about how to ensure (more) involvement and interaction online.


And what do participants say about this webinar:

Learned a lot in 2 hours. Great vibe, atmosphere, and energy! Trainers who know what they are talking about. And so much is possible! Gea Peper and Alex Slavenburg, thank you for your inspiration!"

"Amazing Work Forms Webinar, a www to make you happy. Inspiration that I take with me to my own sessions. I take my hat off to what Gea Peper and Alex Slavenburg shared with us."

"Delicious, energizing and I enjoyed the things that passed by with a big smile."


"I have just stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in the Amazing Work Forms Webinar of the HappinessBureau. What I enjoyed. I have heard / seen inspiring ideas for two hours with a smile on my face. Nice energizers, tips and instruments. to make all those online meetings more fun. "





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