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Dec 4, 2020

Presentation of the School of Psychosynthetic Psychotherapy in Florence

Hosted by : organized by SIPT Italian Society of Therapeutic Psychosynthesis

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Event information:

We are pleased to invite you to the official presentation of our School of Psychosynthetic Psychotherapy in Florence and of our training offer.

The Director of the School, Dr. Carla Fani, will be present at the online presentations , together with the teachers of the course and some former students. During each meeting the theoretical model of Psychosynthetic Psychotherapy and its creator , the psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli , will be presented ; clinical and practical procedures will be described and there will also be space for a short live experience.


Those present will therefore be able to request information both on psychosynthetic practice and on training and bureaucratic aspects related to the school.


A bit of history:

The Italian Society of Therapeutic Psychosynthesis (SIPT) was created in December 1973 in Florence, under the auspices of Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, who authorized its birth and independent life with respect to the original Institute of Psychosynthesis.

The purpose of SIPT since its creation, in addition to psychotherapeutic training, has been to promote studies, research and dissemination of clinical psychosynthesis and psychosynthetic psychotherapy, which have found expression in publications, organization of conferences, therapeutic activities and the birth of a journal of Therapeutic Psychosynthesis.

Since 1974 the Italian Society of Therapeutic Psychosynthesis has been training psychotherapists from the perspective of psychosynthesis, with important theoretical, methodological and practical developments in psychosynthetic psychotherapy. In 1994, adhering to the ministerial criteria for private psychotherapy schools in Italy, the School of Psychosynthetic Psychotherapy was created, recognized by the MURST Decree of 29.09.1994 and managed by SIPT.


The School has a four-year program with 2,000 hours of training and is aimed at graduates in psychology and medicine; the Director and the Teaching Council regulate its proper conduct.


Date And Time


Fri, 4 Dec 2020, 22:30 -

Sat, Dec 5 2020, 00:30 IST




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