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Dec 1, 2020

Conscious Connections

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About Kasia:

Assisting you in making the unconscious, conscious:

I am an initiated Medicine Woman, writer and facilitator with over 7 years experience in offering sacred service. I have apprenticed and sat with Shamans and Medicine Women from across the world and have trained in the sacred arts of holding space and plant medicines.

Believe me when I say, I understand what it's like to live a life that doesn't feel true, aligned or fulfilling. Ever since I was small, I felt a strong sense of Self, of potential, of all of the wonderful things I could achieve and create. The only problem was, I had no idea how to access all of this potential. When I was in my teens and early twenties, I had well and truly lost my way. Gone was the outgoing and curious child obsessed with nature and casting spells and instead I found myself deeply confused about my direction and relying on drugs and alcohol to feel anything. I found myself in an abusive relationship that totally broke me down. I was a shell, I felt empty and desperate. Then slowly but surely, I began to engage with activities and modalities that opened up a channel to that sense of Self that had been elusive for so long. I did a LOT of deep soul-searching, self-development and training and I am dedicated to being actively engaged with the constant process of transformation.

About this Event:

This is an open call to all women who find themselves in the heart-centred business world at this interesting time. A call to all women moved by the spiritual, sensual and self-developmental who seek to make change in the world with their offer. Whether you’re a coach, teacher, facilitator, speaker, creative, writer, nutritionist, connector, marketing dakini or anything in between, we’re excited to offer you a space to connect, network and share with like-minded and like-hearted sisters.

We are delighted to welcome our special guest speaker Jenna Manning to our second session. Jenna is an actress, agent and coach - assisting women in their empowerment. She will be sharing her wisdom, insights and journey into her business, as well as tackling topics like transitions and your questions.

Conscious Connections is a monthly networking collective that meets via Zoom and welcomes business women and entrepreneurs from around the world to explore what it means to be in business right now. We welcome you all to join this space of empowerment, collaboration and conscious connection to see what possibilities there are for cross-pollination and what wants to unfold with your fellow members. We will be inviting guest speakers to share their wisdom during the upcoming sessions to help inspire and spark the creativity within.

We seek to bridge the gap between women in the heart-centred business world to create a more consciously connected and empowered network of support and community.


About your hosts -

Kasia is an initiated Medicine Woman, writer and facilitator with over 7 years experience in offering sacred service. She has apprenticed and sat with Shamans and Medicine Women from around the world and has trained in the sacred arts of holding space and plant medicines.

Seeking to support herself and others in making the unconscious, conscious, she sees herself as an eternal student and servant of psychology and spirit. After over seven years of formal study in human health, psychology and psychotherapy she is currently undergoing a foundation course in Jungian analytical psychology. Kasia has just written her first book, 'Archetype Medicine: a journey within, to your Council of Seven', inspired by the work of Carl Jung, the collective unconscious and the concept of feminine archetypes and shadow. She has appeared on a number of podcasts, online seminars and YouTube channels speaking about her work and these concepts.

Kasia is a Tarot reader and teacher of over seven years, providing personal readings and training courses in this sacred art as well as a qualified Reiki and Massage therapist. She also guides people who want to make the jump from enthusiastic amateurs, to confident practitioners and offer a Sacred Space mentorship on request. Whether in circle or in person you'll be met with respect and compassion, from a place of connection and expansion. A place of empowerment and devotion to growth.

Tessa is a musical theatre artist, mindful performance coach and founder of PerformanceMagic. The Dutch entrepreneur is based in London, United Kingdom. Tessa's dedicated way of living from the heart is what she shares and guides people to do the same so that they can be fully present and experience PerformanceMagic.

Tessa’s background is a degree as a speech and language therapist at Fontys Paramedical University of Applied Science in Eindhoven where she specialised in voice and she graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow in Musical Theatre Performance. Next to these organised bodies of education, Tessa has an extensive study through courses, mentorships and learning experiences in the field of consciousness, mindfulness and spirituality.

Last year Tessa released her single ‘Guts’ on Spotify and iTunes and worked as a lead vocalist for Viking Cruises where she performed her own solo show ‘Journey to the Heart’. Besides performing, Tessa offers coaching, treatments and workshops to share PerformanceMagic.

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