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Nov 19, 2020

Free Webinar about Classical Buteyko Method Wednesdays 7-8pm London time

Hosted by : Learn Buteyko Online

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Introduction :

According to the founding principles of Buteyko, some 200 chronic diseases are linked to dysfunctional breathing: asthma, allergies and emphysema are just a few examples. More than 40 years of research have produced the Buteyko Method, which can recondition and normalise the breathing and restore the body’s most important function.


For example, Buteyko provides a comprehensive approach to achieving safe and effective asthma control. Buteyko helps you to control your asthma through simple breathing exercises and asthma management – without the use of drugs.


This introduction to the Buteyko Method covers its history, some breathing basics, a test to check your own breathing, results of medical trials and the kinds of problems the Buteyko Method can help. Many thousands of asthmatics and those with breathing difficulties have experienced remarkable improvement in their condition with this amazing method, which has allowed them to reduce their dependency on medication and enjoy a quality of life they previously thought impossible.


The Buteyko Method is a technique first developed by Russian medical scientist, Dr Konstantin Buteyko, which allows people to re-train their breathing patterns as a way of improving health.

About this Event:

Learn Buteyko Online. In 2010 Joe Morrell started to train under the supervision of Senior Buteyko Practitioner Christopher Drake and his assistant Martha Roe and began the process to reverse his way out of the effects from severe chemical poisoning and elctro magnetic & chemical sensitivity, CFS and more. In 2012 Joe was invited to join the team to train as a Buteyko Practitioner. Since then he has assisted and taught the method, under Christopher's supervision and guidance, to 1000 + students all over the world.

Joe will describe how the Classical Buteyko Method has changed his health and will introduce you to the work of the Russian professor of medicine Prof. K.P.Buteyko who discovered the root cause of chronic diseases.

Professor Buteyko developed a drug-free approach to the normalization of breathing to alleviate the symptoms and reverse the root cause of over 200 symptoms. Some of these chronic symptoms are: asthma, allergies, anxiety disorder, diabetes, hypertension, depression, chronic fatigue, migraines, stress, cardiovascular, digestive, hormonal, respiratory diseases, nervous system disorders, sleep disturbances and obesity.

The Classic Method Buteyko Comes to the West:Christopher Drake was the first western practitioner to receive a certified diploma from Professor Buteyko, under the guidance of Alexander Stalmatsky who was Professor Buteyko's protege. In 1991 Christopher became a co-owner of the first certified Buteyko Clinic in the West based in Edge Cliff in Sydney, Australia.

Christopher participated in the first clinical trial for asthma published in January 1995 and introduced the Classical Buteyko Method to the UK in 1996 and his results were widely publicized. He taught over 20,000 people in Australia, the United Kingdom, America, Europe and Asia.

In January 2013, Christopher launched Learn Buteyko Online to promote and offer the Classical Buteyko Method to students from all over the world. Christopher teaches Advanced training online and takes a special interest in serious cases. He divides his time between Europe and Asia.Tickets are free of charge.The login to the meeting will be emailed to you before the meeting starts.

Please feel free to be in touch at learnbuteykowebsites@gmail.com

Warm regards

Joe Morrell

Buteyko Practitioner


Learn Buteyko Team






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