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Nov 14, 2020


Hosted by : WeSwimRun & MeganMarcelleYoga

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Live Yoga Class + 5K Run:

About this Event:

YogaRun consists of a 45 minute live Yoga class, followed by a 5K run. The yoga class will take place on Zoom at 8am and will be hosted by Megan Marcelle Yoga. Your 5K run will be hosted by Mike, founder of WESWIMRUN, and can be recorded via our Strava Club YogaRun.

£10 per household.

Yoga is a fantastic practice to support any form of exercise, it releases tight muscles, builds strength and makes you more aware of your body so you can avoid injuries in the future. The use of the breath and mindfulness in yoga not only helps with sports performance but can also help manage stress and boost your immune system.

During the 45 minutes you will be guided through a series of postures to stretch and strengthen both the key major muscle groups used in running and underused muscles. We will focus on building strength in the core as well as lengthening and strengthening the quads, hamstrings and hip flexors.

Each session is accessible to anyone, whether you have practiced yoga or not, and there will always be options provided to suit all levels. If you have any injuries or you are pregnant and unsure if you are able to practice yoga please consult your doctor before taking part.

On sign-up you will receive a Zoom meeting invite from Megan for the Yoga class. You will also be sent an invitation from Mike to our 5K Strava Club Event.

Please sign this waiver prior to participating.


Aside from the proven physical & mental rewards, we wanted to offer an extra incentive to our YogaRunners:

  • Complete 4 YogaRuns - Free Yoga Class
  • Complete 8 YogaRuns - a WESWIMRUN Buff
  • Complete 16 YogaRuns - YogaRun Organic T-shirt
  • Complete 32 YogaRuns - YogaRun Organic Hoodie

YogaRun was created by MeganMarcelleYoga & WESWIMRUN, both passionate about providing opportunities for positivity, well-being and happiness.

By launching YogaRun we hope to provide a supportive community that builds week by week.


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