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Nov 15, 2020

Campus Ambassador Recruitment

Hosted by : AllStar

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About Us:

Hosting creative events to make lasting impactAllStar Online is an unique event management firm. “For the students by the students” is our motto. AllStar Online was started by a few young school-going students aspiring to make the world a bit more interesting for their peers. Hence began our journey of coming up with ideas for and hosting creative and intellectual events for students. Exhibitions, Seminars, Innovative Tech Fests, Competitions, Tournaments, Games- the whole package. AllStar Online appeals to the creative young souls because we are not only hosting these events, we are a part of the community that participates in them. We hope to keep creating amazing and engaging events for our peers.


You never know where your skills might be of use! Do you believe you have the communication skills to represent your institution of study? Can you communicate easily with all batches, senior and junior? Are you good at convincing people to join event?

Work for AllStar, the Youth Organization comprised fully of young students from the topmost to the lowest level. We have a vision to create amazing platforms for young talents through the most creative and innovative events for our fellow peers, and we need your help to do it.

We are taking Campus Ambassadors to work as an associate of AllStar. Your job would be to convince your peers, seniors and juniors to participate in each of the numerous events of AllStar

You will be payed on a per event basis! There is no fixed salary. Pay is based on number of participants you bring in. You receive a fixed commission from registration fee proceeds. You will receive crests, certificates,special prizes and any other support related to applying to universities and getting recommendation.

Conditions: You must get atleast 5 people to register to be eligible for a commission. If you can't follow our instructions and complete the tasks, your employment will be terminated.

Fill up the application form to start your journey as a member of AllStar


For further queries contact:

Ismam Khan
Cheif Executive officer (CEO)

Wasee Ahmed Bhuiyan
Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Md Shahed Hazari
Managing Director (MD)


for more details please check the website lonk below:




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