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Sickhouse is a research space using popular culture as a base of reflection, with a Cinema, an exhibition space, a room for VR experience, a workshop area and our retro living room office. Gaming and films are the tools we manipulate to question the development of our society and its digitization. Sickhouse present and co-produce crossover projects combining art, gaming, pop culture, science, music, philosophy…

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We believe that playing is a social tool and a means to understand each other, develop empathy and transform the way we shape our society. Sickhouse wants to create time and space for playfulness in art and in our society.


Sickhouse wants to broaden the understanding of gaming and popular culture and its permeable limits within our social context. We use these popular tools to communicate urgent matters to our public. And in this sense we also promote gaming and interactive art as high quality medium for this kind of reflection.

Sickhouse supports artists, creative and underground thinkers in their process and wants to give access to a diverse reflection about the most relevant issues of our world.


Sickhouse is also supporting diversity in gaming and digital culture, trying to represent more minorities and social exceptions in our programs, working on the development of an inclusive platform.


If your message is directly press related, contact Niels F. Rodenburg at Niels.Rodenburg@gmail.com.

If your message is specifically related to our Social Media, contact Annebel Bunt at Annebelbunt@gmail.com


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The Overkill Hackathon

Update: we are very happy to announce that Aleksander Kauch, the lead game developer of 11 bit studios, will give a presentation and be part of this edition's jury. 11 bit studios are the masterminds behind the success games "This War of Mine" and "Frostpunk"

The theme of the anual "The Overkill" festival for this year is "the end of the world as you know it". We want to look at communities and collaborative platforms that are experimenting with new ways of living together in a catastrophic environmental and economical context. If video games are often about saving the world, we want to explore the different scenarios of gaming and movies and see how this can stimulate a social debate. With help of a number of datasets filled with info of previous protests and digital activism, you are going to create an interactive experience that triggers people


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