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Nov 28, 2020

Virtual Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

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Our story:

Strata is and always has been a family business in every sense. What began in 1919 as Weaver Construction has now grown into the Strata brand today, and the impact made by four generations of family continually influences how the business is shaped.


Our family:

Family doesn’t just extend to the generations of Weavers that have helped to shape the business. Family means the team of people that make Strata what it is today. While we’re building homes, we’re also building relationships and creating lasting connections along the way. Whether you are designing, building or living in one of our homes, you are part of the family.


We are not your average house builder. First off, we make homes. And in life, ‘home’ is just about the most universal and important thing there is.


That’s why we have no interest in building ‘units’ and selling them to strangers. Instead, we exist to create a new way of living. A lifestyle that demands more from the everyday. For people we work hard to connect with. And that’s a promise. But what’s a promise without the actions to back it up? Well, we’re proud to be one of those brands that does. Not says. We won’t tell you why choosing a Strata home is one of the best decisions you could make. We’d rather let you see for yourself.

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