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Nov 7, 2019

Three Day National Level Workshop on Understanding Failures in Engineering Materials

Hosted by : Thiagarajar College of Engineering

Department : PHYSICS
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UFEM 2019 Programme Materials ‘role in all types of engineering industries is vital. Although a wide variety of materials are available in nature or man made through synthesis or alloying, the materials’ choice for any application is done based on analysis of Physical, Mechanical, Chemical and Thermal properties. When the chosen
Material is converted into an engineering product, the manufacturing route introduces many dimensions of
defects which can cause a failure immediately during the manufacture or later during service. The
workshop focuses on bringing out the physics behind the engineering failures which would go a long way in designing systems successfully with expected sustainability and reduce premature failures.
In this workshop several eminent experts with large experience in the above domains will be delivering
talks that deal on the above aspects.

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