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Posted by Manoj Krishna
Jan 19, 2018

National level workshop on Microgrid with Distributed Generation and Electric Vehicles

Hosted by : VIT,Vellore

Department : School of Electrical Engineering VIT Vellore, India
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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are considered as a promising solution for the current fossil-based energy shortage and pollutant emission problems. Companies such as Tesla, the Nissan, TATA and Mahindra Electric are in the process of creating mass markets for electric vehicles in India. If 25% of all vehicles are EVs then, the current infrastructure in India, would have a difficult time supporting the charging of these EVs and substantial technological, infrastructure and behavioural changes would be required to establish in a scalable and efficient manner. As the EVs increases power demand increases, existing power utilities may not able meet this growing power demand by the EVs, so the best option available is renewable energy based Microgrid. Also, distributed generation in the form of microgrids has recently attracted increasing research interest. In this venture, integrating renewable energy sources into microgrids presents number of challenges. This workshop provides deeper insight and knowledge to the participants about the technological developments on integration of EVs into Microgrid, issues and challenges of integration of EVs into the Microgrid.

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